Nanocarbon Project


Xinjiang, China


13.7% Yield Increase, 16 Acres

Extra-long Staple Cotton

15.6% Yield Increase, 10 Acres

Local Cotton Hybrids

17.3% Yield Increase, 36 Acres


Status: Prototype

Scale: 300 kg/month

Availability: Ready for Trial

Expected price: A Few Dollars per Acre

On going research

After Vulpes confirms the preliminary validity of its nanocarbon project, Vulpes  is currently working with 11 teams from 8 American universities and research institutions to carry out extended research, validation, and trial of its nanocarbon products. Currently, crops that are going through independent labs, chambers, greenhouses, and field trials include:

Arabidopsis, Beets, Corn, Grape, Hop, Lettuce, Ornamentals, Pepper, Rapeseed, Sorghum, Strawberry, Sunflowers, Tomato, Turf Grass, and Wheat.

They are being tested and trialed for:

Yield increase, growth cycle changes, fertilizer saving, and abiotic stress resistance.